Frequently Asked Questions


Kopashun is an all-encompassing website designed exclusively for the Nigerian Youth corper. The daily Job listings , career trainings and investment opportunities are vetted by a team of Human Resource Managers, with a goal of not only maximizing the benefits of the service year , but carving a career path for corpers during service & after the POP.

Our services include Job listings, Investment streams, volunteer opportunities, Skill Trainings, CV reviews etcetera. All of these have been uniquely designed to serve as a propellant to launch the career of the Corper. is not a part of NYSC but a privately owned company working to boost entrepreneurship and investment opportunities among the Nigerian youth while assisting with job search and opportunities for youth corpers. Kopashun and all is deliverables are legitimate, operating under ethics countenanced by the Cooperate Affairs Commission. 

You will receive a mail instantly as soon as you sign up for any of our services and a representative of will contact you via phone call and email within 24 hours of signing up for any of our services.

While was designed for the benefits of youth corp members, other interested individuals are also allowed to enjoy the benefits of the platform.


when you sign up for any of the job services and filled the categories or your area of specification, will take up the job search for you and connect you with employers within a short time.

No it won’t. The start date of any Employment secured by comes after the end of the Service year.

Volunteer jobs could serve as a way to give back to the community while you gain experience working with corporate organizations and open up employment opportunities for yourself. You  offer your time and service to a particular cause while improving your resume.

Although you might receive some stipends, you generally don’t get paid for volunteer jobs. 

Each CV should be tailor made for each application. Reviewing your CV makes you stand out as a suitable candidate for employers. 

As long as you sign up for job search and services, will provide you with available jobs and vacancies where you will attend interviews through our recruitment agents.

Investment invests largely in Agriculture, which is one of the safest and most promising investments. encourages youth corp members to secure and invest some of their funds into agriculture and get interests on their capital while they are busy at their various PPA. Funds invested reaches maturity every 3 months with 20% interest rate.

Yes, investing with does not limit you to just your service year. You can continue to invest even after your service year.

The minimum investment amount is ₦5,000. This was slated to ensure a substantial ROI. There is no maximum investment limit, you can invest as much funds as you wish.

Yes, you can reinvest anytime you wish, every investment runs for a duration of 3 months.

Payments can be made using either your personal debit/credit card or using your bank USSD code. After making payments, you will receive a confirmation receipt.


No. Each training has a fee attached.

Yes you can. Although this is more dependent on your time management abilities.

In light of recent Global events, all of our trainings are Virtual. Google meet, Zoom and Skype are our preferred platforms.

Each training has a syllable designed to be completed in the shortest time possible. Each training can be completed in a maximum of 6 weeks and minimum of 3 weeks.

It shouldn’t. Classes have been fixed in the most convenient way possible. Classes are almost always after working hours.