To equip every Nigerian Youth Corper with the Skills and tools to map out and develop their career path.


To create an Entrepreneurial Youth capable of building a professional niche , as well as pave a path for other Youths to follow.

Why We’re Here

Kopashun is an all-encompassing website designed exclusively for the Nigerian Youth corper. The daily Job listings , career trainings and investment opportunities are vetted by a team of Human Resource Managers, with a goal of not only maximizing the benefits of the service year , but carving a career path for corpers after the POP.

As Part of our key attributes, we are constantly udating our methodology, so that we provide and quip Corpers with Core employability/serviceable skills, skills that are outside the perceived norm but relevant to today’s market.

At Kopashun we are all about the best interests of the Youth Corper. We   understand the strains and privileges of the service Year and so we created a platform with the sole aim of maximizing these privileges. Our daily offerings at kopashun have been strategically developed to assist Corpers as they lay out a Career plan during and after the service year. So as they (youth Corpers) serve they can rest easy knowing that we are with them “ Under the sun and in The Rain”