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Kopashun is precursory platform designed entirely for Youth Corp Members. The priming for your Career starts now; and we are here to help. So whether you work best as an entrepreneur  or as part of a corporation, Kopashun exposes you to the freshest trends, skills and investment opportunities  to foster your goals.



Employers looking for you

(Let’s help you secure a job ahead of your P.O.P)

Daily/ Weekly Jobs

Make fast bucks with part time/ unskilled jobs



Forex trading (5000 NGN only)

Crypto trading (5000 NGN only)

Website Design  (5000 NGN only)

Animation (5000 NGN only)

Photography (5000 NGN only)

Copyrighting (5000 NGN only)

Graphic Design (5000 NGN only)

and more…

Invest Your Allawee

Become an Agripreneur and grow your allawee




Earn 20% ROI investing with KopaShun Farms

You can withdraw Total Investment +20% ROI

every three (3) months

Minimum monthly Investment =

5000 NGN